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About Us

Murooj International trading Est. is a specialized company in importing and/or distributing Polyester
Resins, Fiber Glass, Cobalt, Industrial Chemical Hardeners and Solvents, several Industrial Paints and
Interior Wood Coating Products.
Our experience is rooted back since 1998 in Iraq and extending to the Jordanian market for over 17
years. We currently are one of the most trusted and reputable Local distributors for the
aforementioned products. Our logistics network enables us to reach every city in Jordan and stay in
touch with every industrial activity wherever it is within the Jordanian territory.
The company structure is considered to be optimal for the Jordanian market operation style. With our
main warehouse located in Abu-Alanda, one of the most crowded industrial areas in the Capital Amman,
and our Representative Office located in Shmeisani-Amman, one of the thriving business areas in the
Capital. This way we ensure that we can always cover the logistical challenges by having our products
close to the Industrial Areas and main highways, while our main business office is located in an easy-to-
reach area to ensure that our marketing policy is always present right on top of the ever-changing
business kitchen in the country.
In 2016, we have started the construction of our new complex in Abu-Alanda that incorporates both
Warehouse and Management sector with our own showroom and operation management
Our staff of diverse experienced employees ranging from the basic technician, the experienced technical
support experts, effective logistics and transportation group, to the high profile marketing team, all
amounting to 12 internal staff and 15 external personnels, ensure that our operations are executed with
the best possible outcome and our plans always aim for further growth qualitatively and quantitatively.
Our Iraqi branch, which is now an independent partner of our business working in harmony with out
office in Jordan, is no less in either Logistics or Marketing. With the experience we have acquired during
the long decades of our successful business and the network of connections we have gained the trust of
our long term customers and our reputation and organization ensures that we acquire more customers
as we expand. Thus, we are continuing our legacy of high-quality products and on-time delivery.

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